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Coex Training is an Australian based, global reaching Registered Training Organisation, RTO number 41119. We offer Nationally Recognised Qualifications and non-accredited courses specifically designed to give our students the competencies required to excel in their careers.

With a long history of providing training services to industries such as Resource, Infrastructure, Defence, Manufacturing and Construction, we pride ourselves on our dynamic and student focused courses which have been developed to meet the high expectations of students, employers and industry.

Through our extensive portfolio, we can provide training across all levels, from general awareness through to Certificate IV qualifications. Our national scope enables us to tailor our programs to meet the varied needs of organisations and students located across Australia and the globe.

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    Entering A Hazardous Area

    Even when work is not being conducted, caution is needed when entering a hazardous area. Regardless of whether work is to be actioned the following actions should be taken before you enter a hazardous area:…

    Permit To Work Systems

    Permit to work systems are fundamental to ensuring that work is safely actioned. The purpose of the permitting system is to ensure that all work to be performed will not adversely affect plant operations, and…

    Hazardous Area Responsibilities

    The plant owner has numerous responsibilities related to hazardous areas. These responsibilities are stated in AS/NZS 60079.2017 book 14 and 17, and include: Ensuring that systems are in place so that all hazardous areas are…