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What is Hazardous Areas Technical Services?

Hazardous Areas are present on many sites and are often overlooked, from our experience it has been noted that companies treat hazardous areas differently. Some examples; Do not know what hazardous areas are People equate…

Coex Training Partnering Up With ATC: Bunbury Training

Coex Training is partnering with The Apprenticeship and Traineeship Company (ATC) Bunbury to increase the delivery portfolio of post-trade electrical training in the South West region.   The ATC facility now includes dedicated training equipment…

Coex Training with ATC

Bunbury Training with ATC

Coex Training is now in partnership with The Apprenticeship and Traineeship Company (ATC) in the South West Region of WA, Bunbury. ATC’s Bunbury facility will be an expansion of Coex Training’s delivery capability in Western…

What to expect at the Coex Practicals

What to expect in the practicals

Watch the video below to hear Industry Specialist Paul Egan go through the practicals.  Do you need skills that are applicable to the real world? It’s one thing to learn new theories, but another to…

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✔️ Electrical Designs (ANZ, IEC, ATEX)

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✔️ Inspections (ANZ, ATEX)

✔️ Internal Audits

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