Industry Leading Electrical Courses

Electrical Courses

Our electrical public courses are focused on quality delivery of nationally recognised and unrecognised training to increase your competency and technical skills.

Our team comes from within the industry, lending years of experience and expertise to the delivery. We understand, so we customise our industry training to focus on what’s relevant for you.

Onsite Training

The Coex Training team has extensive experience in delivering onsite training to meet not only the appropriate legislation and regulations within the industry but the company and onsite requirements as well.

Our Technical Specialists look to interact with key personnel to understand the work requirements and tasks being undertaken, and how the course can be contextualised to suit the company needs. Site policies and procedures can be interwoven with the nationally recognised course delivery to ensure that participants understand the onsite requirements and how to apply the learnings of the course to there day to day activities.

All our Technical Experts have current and valid experience in the work activities they instruct, they bring with them experience and skills sets that can be leveraged to assist with your onsite compliance, safety of the workforce and upskilling of your personnel.

Please contact the Coex Training Team to understand how we can assist your onsite requirements for any of our training portfolio both nationally recognised and unrecognised.