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Business Building

With our extensive experience in building and managing successful training businesses, Coex is uniquely qualified to help companies reinvigorate or build an external training service line.

We work with our clients to convert internal competencies into commercial training services to deliver:

  • A competitive advantage
  • New revenue streams
  • Credibility in existing products and services
  • Pull-through opportunities
  • Increased client engagement

We have managed commercially viable training businesses across the globe, and understand the challenges associated with implementing a new capability.

From a simple training course to the development of a global training academy, Coex can help you build a competitive advantage.

"We Build You A Competitive Edge Through Training"

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    Our Global Reach

    Coex is headquartered in Australia, with a global reach and international outlook. We have experience working in markets across the globe, and understand the unique challenges each location brings.