Course Overview

The High Voltage Switching Operations Refresher course has been developed by industry professionals to re-validate and refresh participants competency in relation to High Voltage (HV) activities. The HV refresher course meets the requirements of the Guidelines for the safe management of high voltage (HV) installations in WA.

It is recommended that this course be completed every 2-3 years as per industry standard. With a blended learning approach, students will be updated on legislation changes, industry practices and will be able to validate their skills and knowledge through the theory and practical assessments.

Successful completion will provide students and employers with a verification that participants meet the required competency levels to safely carry out High Voltage switching.

AQF Course Code

1 days

Total number of units will depend on Units of competency previously obtained as this is a refresher course

AQF Qualification Title

$1,100 per person
(GST Exempt)

Mode of Delivery
Classroom delivery with theoretical instruction and practical activities.

Onsite delivery Australia wide (Onsite delivery is 2 days. Please contact us for more information).

Public or corporate courses at one of our training locations:

  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Bunbury
  • Kalgoorlie
  • Karratha

Entry Requirements

Participants require a previous Statement of Attainment to be eligible for an updated Statement for units that were issued in previous recognised training.

Personnel who do not hold a Statement of Attainment but have evidence of regular training and industry experience are eligible to attend but will only receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Please contact us to discuss prerequisite options.

Units issued are dependent on those previously issued by a Registered Training Organisation
 Unit Code Unit Name
UEPOPS116 Operate local H.V. switchgear
UEPOPS117 Operate local L.V. switchgear
UEPOPS036 Develop H.V. switching programs
UEPOPS021 Control permit to work operations
UEPOPS124 Perform switching to a switching program
UEPOPS022 Coordinate and direct switching program
UETDREL005 Work safely in the vicinity of live electrical apparatus
UETDRMP001 Apply access authority procedures to work on or near electrical apparatus
UETDRMP002 ESI safety rules for work on, near or in the vicinity of electrical apparatus
UETDRIS023 Develop and validate high voltage distribution switching programs
UETDRIS022 Coordinate permit procedures
UETDRIS021 Coordinate and direct switching programs
UETDRIS032 Solve problems in network equipment
UETDRSB001 Perform substation switching operations to a given schedule


Refresher Course Dates

Date Location Cost Book
28 June 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
1 July 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
12 July 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
12 July 2024 BUNBURY $1,100.00
15 July 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
26 July 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
29 July 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
9 August 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
12 August 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
16 August 2024 BUNBURY $1,100.00
23 August 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
26 August 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
6 September 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
9 September 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
13 September 2024 BUNBURY $1,100.00
20 September 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
4 October 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
7 October 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
11 October 2024 BUNBURY $1,100.00
18 October 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
21 October 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
1 November 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
4 November 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
8 November 2024 BUNBURY $1,100.00
15 November 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
18 November 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
29 November 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
2 December 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
6 December 2024 BUNBURY $1,100.00
13 December 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00
16 December 2024 OSBORNE PARK $1,100.00


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    Individuals in WA may be eligible to claim a Construction Training Fund (CTF) subsidy for the High Voltage Switching Operation course through a refund arrangement.

    The subsidy may be available via submission of a paid invoice and statement of attainment, submitted directly to the CTF. 

    Companies may be eligible to claim the CTF subsidy for their employees if they are captured in the CTF levy scheme.

    The Constructions Training Fund provides funding support for training eligible workers in the construction industry.

    We acknowledge the support of the Construction Training Fund in reducing the costs of training for eligible workers.

    Please contact us for further information regarding eligibility, claiming and bulk-billing options. 

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