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Course Overview

UEE40420 Certificate IV in Electrical – Instrumentation is a nationally recognised post-trade qualification that provides the opportunity to gain competencies to select, install, commission, fault find and maintain electrical and instrumentation equipment.

Participants awarded this qualification will have gained the competencies to be employed within process control in industries such as automation, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, food and beverage.

AQF Course Code

AQF Qualification Title
Certificate IV in Electrical – Instrumentation

Non-concession (25+ years): $641.52 (GST Exempt)

Non-concession fee youth (17-24 years): $1.62 per nominal hour commenced in a calendar year, capped at $400 per year.

Concession-fee: $190.08 (proof of eligibility must be supplied upon application)

Non-funded price: $4,000 (GST Exempt)

10 days face to face training, plus a self-paced assessment workbook

Perth & Karratha

Total number of units: 11

Mode of Delivery
The units for this qualification are delivered as part of a program that involves:

  • Self-paced workbook assignments
    • Timings differ from student to student, typically can be completed over a part-time 4 week period
  • 10 days of intensive face to face training


Please be aware that you must choose one date from Workshop 1 and one date from Workshop 2. You must complete Workshop 1 first.

Workshop 1
Duration: 5 days classroom based training.
9 – 13 January 2023 Perth
30 January – 3 February 2023 Perth
13 – 17 February 2023 Perth
27 February – 3 March 2023 Perth
20 – 24 March 2023 Perth
17 – 21 April 2023 Perth
8 – 12 May 2023 Perth
22 – 26 May 2023 Perth
12 – 16 June 2023 Perth
26 – 30 June 2023 Perth
Workshop 2
Duration: 5 days classroom based training.
16 – 20 January 2023 Perth
6 – 10 February 2023 Perth
20 – 24 February 2023 Perth
13 – 17 March 2023 Perth
27 – 31 March 2023 Perth
01 – 05 May 2023 Perth
15 – 19 May 2023 Perth
29 May – 02 June 2023 Perth
19 – 23 June 2023 Perth
3 – 7 July 2023 Perth
  • Students must hold a current unrestricted electrical licence or its equivalent issued in an Australian State or Territory
  • Students must have a valid Unique Student Identifier (USI)
  • The primary place of residence must be in Western Australia
  • Students must not have an active apprenticeship or traineeship contract.
  • Must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia or a holder of an approved visa subclass*

*(holders of subclass 309, 444, 785, 790, 820 or 826 visa, secondary holders of a temporary visa of sub-class 457, holders of a Bridging Visa E (subclasses 050 and 051) where the visa holder has made a valid application for a visa of subclass 785 or 790.)

  • There is no specific pre-learning required for attending the course
  • Completion of the self-paced workbook can occur pre or post attending the course

Please contact us for more information.

Self-Paced Learning Units
UEECD0010 Compile and produce an energy sector detailed report
UEECD0024 Implement and monitor energy sector WHS policies and procedures
UEECD0027 Participate in development and follow a personal competency development plan
UEERE0015 Implement and monitor energy sector environmental and sustainable policies and procedures
Classroom Delivery Units
UEEIC0047 Use instrumentation drawings, specifications, standards and equipment manuals
UEEIC0041 Solve problems in pressure measurement components and systems
UEEIC0043 Solve problems in temperature measurement components and systems
UEEIC0026 Provide solutions to fluid circuit operations
UEEIC0038 Solve problems in density/level measurement components and systems
UEEIC0039 Solve problems in flow measurement components and systems
UEEIC0013 Develop, enter and verify discrete control programs for programmable controllers


Funded fee: $641.52 (GST Exempt)

Read the VET fees and Charges Policy 2022 here.

The student tuition fees are indicative only and are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Additional fees may apply such as student service and resource fees.

Concession rates apply to the funding, please contact us for further information and eligibility requirements.

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