What to expect at Coex Training’s Hazardous Area course

What can you expect from our Hazardous Area Installation and Maintenance course?

Coex Training’s Hazardous Areas courses provide the knowledge and skills to report, inspect, install, maintain and attend breakdowns of electrical equipment in a potential explosive environment. Our courses are renowned for delving deeper into specific areas, including; dust, gas, and temperature classes.

Our goal at Coex is to ensure all students feel comfortable in a safe working environment. We not only provide the right information but take the time to thoroughly explain everything in detail.

Using a hands-on practical approach to the course with real case scenarios, participants gain the ability and confidence to carry out reporting, inspections, installation and maintenance of electrical equipment in a potential explosive environment. This approach to training creates a more memorable learning experience, helping ensure that all theory is applied and maintained.

With a long history of providing training services to industries such as Resource, Infrastructure, Defence, Manufacturing and Construction, we pride ourselves on our dynamic and student-focused courses which have been developed to meet the high expectations of students, employers, and the industry.

Through our extensive portfolio, we can provide training across all levels, from new introductions, to industry refreshers.

Does your team require a deep understanding of the process of classifying hazardous areas?