What to expect in the practicals

Do you need skills that are applicable to the real world? It’s one thing to learn new theories, but another to apply them in a practical scenario.

At Coex Training, we utilise active training systems to ensure you know exactly what to expect under industry circumstances.

Our extensive courses provide a great balance between both theory and practical elements. Our training facilities also offer real-world examples where students can put new skills to the test.

Our training facilities are fully equipped with modern simulation environments to ensure all attendees obtain hands-on time throughout our courses.

With one of the only active pressurization training rigs in Australia, we ensure our classes can handle close and detailed inspections on real training equipment.

Practical courses can be a perfect solution for those who want to learn specific skills, but don’t need an end-to-end training course.

These flexible training solutions can easily provide staff with relevant experience by exposing them to the relevant types of equipment.

With a team of training professionals embedded within the industry, we ensure that all courses are both relevant and applicable.